O’Von, Outside The Box Style


O’Von, Mr.R.E.A.L., is a new enterprising artist with a soulful mixture of R&B and truth filled raps based on his life experiences which brings about the acronym R.E.A.L. meaning (Revealing Everything About Life). He has lived by this all of his musical career vowing only to put his real life inside his songs. Most of his emotionally charged lyrics are based on a true story which he prides himself on making real and good music.

O’Von is the smooth, sultry, sexy voice behind the hooks and love filled lyrics but Mr.REAL is the high energy, swagger filled, cocky and confident side of this duality which will guarantee a versatile mixture of style between each track. What sets O’Von apart from other artists is that you will always get a variety of sounds from his outside the box style of music.

Official website: www.ovonakamrreal.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/ovon-1
Bandcamp: ovonakamrreal.bandcamp.com
Reverbnation: www.reverbnation.com/ovon
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ovonakamrreal
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ovon.morgan
Facebook: www.facebook.com/realentertainmentllc
Twitter: www.twitter.com/realentllc


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