Osyrus, My Great Escape


Osyrus was born in Los Angeles but moved outside of Philly at the age 14 with his mother to be near family after traumatic life events took place. He started rapping at age 13, hip hop gave him an outlet and hip hop helped him feel again. He wants to do more than just make songs, Osyrus wants every little kid and adult, or whoever listens, to know that no matter how rough things are someone else has been there and they made it out okay. Over the years of shows and events, he’s met Matt Macur, Steve Francis, and Dante Juhkel. They all decided to come together and start a music group called Soul M3chanix.

Osyrus has opened for Shwayze, Chris Webbie, Ying Yang Twins, Emilio Rojas, and many more. He’s also been featured in various blogs and websites and has a collab track with Hi Rez. However, he’s most proud of putting out one tape solo with another to come.

In the very near future Osyrus will be hosting a hip hop show in Los Angeles for artists and producers to show off their skills and network with other likeminded peeps. He also has a new mixtape coming out late spring 2016 called My Great Escape that will actually be his first tape available for purchase on iTunes. Once it drops, he will be doing shows around southern California and maybe a couple other states. As an added bonus, Osyrus has music videos getting ready to drop with the tape and potentially merchandise. As for Soul M3chanix, videos are coming out along with the debut LP which will be released in the summer of 2016.

Official website: www.soulm3chmusic.com
Soundcloud: jasonvogel31-1

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