One who May Ascend, Living Up To My Name


2013 Texas Solo Artist Award Finalist, One who May Ascend (OMA), arrived on this planet in Madison, Tennessee in June 1994. Representing the Dallas-Fort Worth area and the world as a whole, OMA is not your cliché drug-slinging wanna-be thug rapper. His style is – to say the least – different. With intricate lyrical content and concepts that can only be explained by some level of divine intervention, OMA has many titles, among them: leader, lyricist, martial artist, entrepreneur, underdog, and philosopher. It wasn’t until his early teens that OMA developed an interest in expressing his experiences and all he learned rhythmically and poetically through music – more specifically, Rap.

In the beginning of his musical career OMA was unfamiliar with rap sensations such as Tupac Shakur, Biggie, or Eminem but after hearing an exhibition from one of the local rap artists he developed a keenness for poetry in its rhythmic form. In the short years following the writing of his first poems and songs at the age of 14, OMA has had the privilege of being granted some of the nation’s most prestigious awards, coveted features, and has performed alongside some of Hip Hop’s premier talent. One of the most important things he has gained remains his newly gained friends who gave him the name One who May Ascend and urged him to pursue Rap as a profession leading to the release of his first mixtape, “ASCENDING: The Best of One who May Ascend,” at 18 years old.

Since the release of his debut project OMA has performed in multiple events across The Lone Star State including the 1st Annual Texas A&M Corpus Christi “APOLLO” (2013), Battle of the Bands at the Texas House of Rock (2013), and Dallas Music Conference and Showcase (2013). He is currently unsigned and a student at Texas A&M which has played a major part in his success. OMA’s original compositions have been studied in Dr. T.J. Curry’s Introduction to Hip Hop Philosophy class, an original song written in Castilian Spanish was featured on Texas A&M’s Department on Hispanic Studies’ Facebook page, and has won the 26th annual SBSLC (Southwestern Black Student Leadership Conference) freestyle rap battle hosted by DJ BANDCAMP. OMA has also opened for major Hip Hop acts including Travis Porter, Gorilla Zoe, and EST 19XX’s own Tezo and Dub-O.

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