Omar RAPS’ Lyrics Are Touching His City

What makes Omar RAPS is a remarkable artist is how he presents himself to his audience. From his delivery on tracks to his command on stage, his time in the limelight is coming up. With the potential for global reach, all the work he puts in now puts him on step closer. Omar RAPS is only expected to release top notch music that will only further his reach and engrave his name into the culture of hip hop.

The up and coming artist from Chicago, IL has found ways to overcome the trials and tribulations that comes with being a young black man. Through his music abilities Omar RAPS’ lyrics are lyrical, honest, true to himself, real, emotional, soulful, and deep enough to touch the city. He has the potential to give this country great music at the highest level. His talent can influence the hip hop scene in a major way if promoted and pushed in the right direction.

Omar RAPS is taking risks and putting music out. He’s currently working on a mixtape titled A Beautiful Struggle. “My goals for this is really getting my music and name out there. Performing much more so I can get that exposure that I want. I really wanna get a dope DJ with a big fan base to host my mixtape,” he adds in.

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