Oggie, Undeniable Chemistry

Undeniable Album Cover

UK r&b singer Oggie started out as the voice behind the garage remake of the classic anthem “Follow Me,” one of the biggest UKG anthems of all time – yet it was never officially released. 2 more self-written songs, “You” and “All I Wanna Do with Ed Case” cemented his place as a certified underground UK Artist. After running a resident showcase night at Ronnie Scott’s, Oggie soon joined the cast as a lead in the Michael Jackson show Thriller Live as well as the West End stage. He still found time to release 2 singles with Dance DJ Dino Mileta, “Love Like Never Before” and “We Are The Music.”

Now Oggie has just released his debut album on iTunes titled Undeniable Chemistry. The Undeniable Chemistry album sees him finally come into his own and share his talent as a songwriter and vocalist with great stories, melodies, and hooks that cross the border of all styles of urban music.

The album features 14 tracks including the promo singles “Let It Rain” and the track “Undeniable Chemistry,” which got rave reviews this summer partly due to a fun video shot whilst on tour in Japan. Future singles will include the trap banger “Get Lit” and a soon to be summer anthem “Bring The Love Back.”

Twitter: @oggiemusic
Soundcloud: @oggiemusic
Instagram: @oggiemusic
YouTube: @oggietv
Facebook: @oggieofficial


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