OG $kyWalker, Making Music Forever


OG $kyWalker, a 20 year old producer/songwriter born and raised in Boston (Dorchester), MA, always had a dream of making music as a kid. His father exposed him to music at about 9 years old when he started a record label called Never Enough Entertainment while also working with producer/singer Ryan Leslie with Next Selection.

OG $kyWalker started recording his own music with Big Hommie Gwap when he was about 16. He met Gwap through best friend Scooba Steve as they were part of group together called LS Gang. OG $kyWalker started taking music seriously at 18 by working on his 1st mixtape. He started producing beats at 19. He has a strong passion for music and plans on making music forever.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/og-kywalker

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