Novascotia, S.U.I.T


Novascotia originally wanted to pursue basketball until realizing that it wasn’t his path. Being heavily influenced by Hip Hop at the time in 2002, he decided to rap. With much catching up to do, at the age of 13 Novascotia began to write one song (if not two) every day for three years straight. It wasn’t until his junior year of high school that he got his own studio and started a label called Movement Records. He opened the door to all who had talent to record for free and he mentored those who needed to develop their skills. With 20 artists releasing 2 mixtapes a month, much experience was gained in the inner workings of the music business.

Novascotia is now the co-founder of a company called S.U.I.T. (Serving Universal Intellect & Talent) where the goal is to work with artists who have the same passion because moving as one unit is better than moving alone. Novascotia raps and produces his own beats for himself and others involved in S.U.I.T. It’s cliché but music is more than just his passion. It’s art, a way of life, and the only thing he’s best at. Novascotia feels he has the best ear for music, now he’s just trying to prove it.

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