Nova, Jaystack “The Messenger”


Nova aka Jaystack “The Messenger” was born Jermaine Andre Barrett February 19, 1984 in Highlands hospital of East Oakland, CA. Nova is an artist who considers himself to have the best of both worlds, having the opportunity to live in the suburbs of Foster City, California and grow and become a man in Long Beach, California. Each home molded Nova and gave him positive-diverse attributes that he continues to implement in his life and on his daily journey as a musician while trying to of reach his “nirvana.”

In his music, Nova aka Jaystack “The Messenger” makes it quite clear his reason for wanting to enter the music industry. One reason, he simply tells his fans in a song called “Don’t Mistake Nov,” “Don’t mistake Nov/this isn’t for pesos/or to skate in Roves on dates wit fake hoes/My job so clear a sign from the heavens came/So I always be prepared cuz timin is everything.”

Feeling that the industry is already plagued with enough artists talking about their possessions, Nova decided to stay true to himself. Nova aka Jaystack “The Messenger” understands that valuables can always be updated. At one point he says Cash Money came out with the trend of having twenty inch rims, some years later T.I. came with Ride 24’s. In the 80’s it was gold donkey Ropes, now it’s about platinum jewelry.

Point being emotions, feelings, real life situations create classics. That is why people can listen to a Tupac Shakur album until this day. In January, “The Messenger” released a mixtape titled “Long OverDue” and can be downloaded on He is slated to release “The Foundation” before the year ends.

Learn more about Nova on A Classic Records.

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