Nossis, EyeAthena


Songwriter, producer, and female emcee Nossis Bottoms was born on July 30, 1992 and bred from the rough streets of East New York City. She came up during the era of Missy Elliott, Foxy Brown, and Lil’ Kim where female emcees were dominating the Hip Hop/Rap scene. She discovered her hidden talent of rapping at 14 and at 17 devoted herself to the craft perfecting it to become one of the top contenders of female rappers. She’s performed across New York City and the Tri-state area as part of the Dean’s List and No Boys Allowed tours. In 2013 she showcased her talents to her growing fan base in Berlin, Germany at multiple venues illuminating her light-bulb to truly dedicate and reaffirm herself to this craft of Hip Hop.

Being a lyrical emcee, Nossis brings a new element to the game that others would pass by. Her metaphors, rhythm, and similes are sure to capture you in her web of carefully chosen words and delivery to make you truly understand the story that is being told. As a songwriter and producer she has been developing and devoting herself to fully understand what it takes to be a well-rounded musician, not just lyrically, but also the engineering, mastering, and mixing aspect of music. Since she began her Hip Hop career, she has released 3 self-produced mixtapes: “A Femcee Named Nossis,” “BlacXcellence,” and “Brooklyn Lioness.”

Nossis dropped her latest mixtape, “EyeAthena,” February 1, 2015. Her first single, “SweetThenSour,” was released a day before her mixtape on January 31, 2015 along with her first video accompaniment for the track. Nossis continues to create music that will inspire and incite the masses and remove the stigma of what a female emcee is supposed to be.

Official website:
YouTube: @EyeAthena
Twitter: @Ibeeznossis
Instagram: @Nossis
Facebook: @Nossis Bottz

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