Nikia, Missing You


“I see myself as a part of tradition because I know my music will be around forever.”

Performers come and go but singers, it can be argued, are forever. East Meadow, NY born Nikia aspires to one day leave her music lingering in the memory of many much like Whitney Houston, Patti LaBelle, and Denise Williams have done. She began singing at the age of three and professionally at 13. As part of the group Something Serious at 14 she honed her performing skills, how to put a song over to an audience, and writing most of the group’s repertoire as well. As a teenager Nikia released the album “Out of My Mind” on the independent Swooper label.

The 2nd single “The Drug Song” is an appetizer for the feast to come for the release of her album “She is Me.” Love is the drug and Nikia scores with a confidently-sweet-seductive I-need-you vocal and an undulating, slightly techno-tinged, electronic cradle of rhythm. Her singing has two distinctive tones herein: the coolly passion in the body of the song and the crisp-commanding refrain/hook “Just awesome”—both distinctive, both Nikia.

The forthcoming album (early 2016) will feature material penned by her including “Missing You.” With a sparkling funk-flavored guitar intro, “Missing You” has a lilt that slightly suggests Reggae rhythms. Her voice is romantic longing personified with clear honey-toned voice riding the melody with easy-bittersweet poise. The production of Shawn Keys of Shawn Keys Ink is sparse putting the spotlight on the song and the singer. “Missing You” has a pull to it that’s hard to resist, sweet as a brand-new romance, and slightly stinging like a heartache that’s beginning to heal.

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