New Track City, Spring Exceeds Winter

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Emerging from the Pacific Northwest are the Jazz inspired sounds mixed with lyrically captivating Hip Hop from Federal Way’s New Track City. The Washington trio, composed of rappers Bem and Chi. Stone along with producer Dru on Beats, is taking an all in attitude with the royal flush they hold in their hands. That very swagger can be heard on their debut internet album Spring Exceeds Winter that melds the sounds of Jazz and Hip Hop to create music that’s unique.

What sets apart Spring Exceeds Winter is the diversity and featured song The Wave displays a multitude of sounds before a climaxing end reminiscent of a Broadway musical. In contrast, songs like The Wants, Fortune, and God’s Gift take a more soulful approach. New Track City’s ability to incorporate multiple genres of music together shows that this trio has no boundaries and longevity.

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