Natural Habitz, Appealing To A Wide Fan Base


Natural Habitz (Meda, Kunstruct, Doughboi, Dice) is a diverse hip hop group from Chattanooga, TN. Hailing from the third coast is Natural Habitz, a group that embodies the feeling of classic hip hop with exciting stage presence and explosive rhymes. Natural Habitz appeals to a wide fan base of different age groups, nationalities, and beliefs. Simply put, Natural Habitz just makes good music with positive vibes for all to enjoy, relax, and relate too.

Rocking crowds from die hard hip hop fans to packed rock n’ roll clubs to youth rallies, Natural Habitz’ live show leaves crowds wanting more. Complete with a DJ, B-boys, and now an optional live band, their shows electrify audiences and ignite any venue. The mission for Natural Habitz is to keep good feeling hip hop alive and show the diversity of hip hop artists. Giving back to the community, Natural Habitz performs at many charity events such as youth outreach, benefits for aids research and autism research, and other events where they can give back through hip hop culture.

They have shared the stage with many major artists and continue to electrify crowds with their hi-energy shows. In closing, Natural Habitz is all about promoting the 4 principles of hip-hop: peace, love, unity, and having fun.

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