Natt Turnup, EWBNBNWBN


Natt Turnup is an 26 year old American producer/rapper/songwriter born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. He’s 1/3 of the production/songwriting team BlackMuzik Productions. Starting off as just a producer for local artists and an in house producer for JerseyMoney Music Group, Natt decided he wanted to explore a new appreciation for the art by taking serious his playful freestyling skills he would display in recording sessions.

Combining a soulful rugged blend of hip hop/rap/trap, Natt has begun his path to create his own genre of music to spread to an eclectic, rude, illustrious audience. Taking the phrase “Conscious n Ratchet” or “Righteous n Ratchet,” he proved that he would bring just that in his music. He released his first album 2 years ago digitally on Soundcloud as well as Bandcamp and social media.

Today we’re bringing you 12 tracks from his project EWBNBNWBN that will give a good listen into what Natt has to offer.

Official website:
Instagram: @natt_turnup
Twitter: @nattTurnup

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