Napom, Dropping Bombs


Usually when you hear the word Napom the first thing that comes to mind is a jelly like gasoline used to make bombs and that’s exactly what you get when you mix it with the fire that Terrell Foust spits out in his rhymes. Given the name by his peers for his blazing lyrical skills and the ability to drop bombs on opposing emcees, he’s now ready to drop those very same bombs on the world of Hip Hop music worldwide.

In 1996 at the tender age of 10, Napom heard the song “Can’t Knock the Hustle” by Jay Z and was immediately inspired to be a rapper. He was determined to put his best foot forward at being the best lyricist he could be and by making his own impact on the world of Hip Hop. In the year 2000, Napom and a group of fellow inspiring rappers formed a group called The Program. The group began making recordings of their music and quickly built a local following that caught the attention of many far and near. However, it wasn’t until the death of his close friend Tyler Penny in 2004 that Napom made the decision to step onto higher ground and do something out of the ordinary that would make his friend proud of him.

As a noticeable standout in the group, Napom eventually stepped out of his comfort zone to embark on his self-entitled solo project. The independent project was well received and sparked the beginning of a new direction for the young lyricist. Since then he’s been sought after by producers and rappers alike to work with him on new and upcoming projects. Hardly one to shy away from attention he accepts it all in good faith.

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