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Na’listen is a Hip Hop recording artist, record, producer, CEO and founder of the independent record company Raptile Records LLC. founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Born and raised in the most oppressed and poverty stricken areas of the north side of Minneapolis, Na’Listen has found an avenue to escape the unfavorable circumstances of his childhood. Learning the ins-and-outs of recording as a teenager distracted him from the violence, crime, and substance abuse surrounding him. He has gained the admiration of urban youth by becoming a voice for those who have struggled and endured hardships in their lives.

As a founder and recording artist of Raptile Records LLC., Na’listen decided it was necessary to release his music via MySpace amassing 50,000 plays and leaving footprints all over the internet once the social media movement took off. Due to the positive response he took the opportunity to promote his debut mixtape Born Fly furthering his fan base. Through his label Na’Listen created a power house of young producers and recording artists with a fresh ear for music and exceptional skills at creating catchy tunes. After years of designing album covers for his personal projects, he began designing for other artists and models prompting him to create a clothing line named Talijuano.

Na’Listen’s music and design is a testimony of a young man who cultivated his skills and ability to triumph over the many destructive temptations of the streets and its harsh oppressive reality. He is quickly gaining relationships and affiliation with some of the music industry’s most famous artists. Homer O’dell of the Band Mint Condition was a Mentor for Na’Listen in the early stages of his development as a recording artist by recording long hours at the well-known studio Angel Beach, infamous for its upscale clientele in Minnesota. Na’Listen will quickly become one of the greatest musical icons of our time.

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