Najasism, Live and Dance Forever


Residing in Atlanta, Georgia since 2008 and becoming a full time musician in 2010 with a focus on a solo career, Najasism is an ultra-talented Pop and Dance artist with a goal to reach millions through creative creations and his mixture of Pop, R&B, and Dance music. With a universal sound that alienates no one and is easy to relate to, he exerts originality yet you’ll find traces of his influences such as Prince and Michael Jackson. With the release of his freshmen album Live and Dance Forever, he’s reached the first milestone in his developing career. The album is full of fun and up-beat music for fans to dance, pop, shake, pump their fist, and move to.

Najasism is well acquainted with achievements and was voted Atlanta Underground Music Award’s Best New Artist and Best Artist Website in 2011. The subsequent years, 2012 and 2013, he was voted into the top 10 for The National Hard Rock Cafe Battle of the Bands out of more than 1,000 bands and artists. His accomplishments also include international tour offers, many awards including collaborating with Grammy nominated artist Bone Crusher, and influencing many other upcoming artists.

Najasism’s continued growth, accomplishments, and release of Live and Dance Forever are all testaments to his hard work, diligence, and dedication. He is more than just an artist; Najasism is a director, creative guru, inspirer, and mentor with unlimited potential and talent.

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