Mz Taty’s Power of Words

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Mz. Taty is not just a female hip-hop artist with an amazing skills, she may be one of the best to ever independently grace the genre. Tatiana Latura Lane, better known by her stage name as Mz.Taty, is an African-American musician  born in Chicago, IL. Inspired by such rappers as Jay-z, Lil Wayne, Cassidy, 2Pac, Lauryn Hill, and Erkyah Badu, her raw style of verbal word-play is one of her most praised talents. Growing up listening to artist like 2pac has taught Mz.Taty to remain true to her culture and ultimately cultivated her way of expressing herself. Mz.Taty has performed in many open mic contests throughout Chicago and has won hip/hop competitions putting her ahead of other native rappers in Chicago. Her debut singles “I Got You” and “The Truth” debuted on Chicago’s Power 92.3 as a result of constantly winning contests, and from that she also gained a distribution deal with Universal Records. She has opened up for such artists as Day 26, King L, Lil Herb, Sasha Go Hard, Do or Die and Cassidy. Today Mz.Taty continues to perform at different clubs across the U.S. Her first Album entitled “Genesis” will be dropping soon. Mz.Taty wants to change the realm of hip-hop and will remain true to herself throughout her music.  Her national exposure which continues to grow but with this talent, she sure to be the next best thing.

You can check out Mz Taty on her website, and on SoundCloud at Follow her on Facebook at

Mz. Taty – The Truth

Mz. Taty – Gureilla Warfare, Contest Jan 2014

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