Mystix, BRUJA


As an alien misplaced on Earth with a mission to delve into the spiritual mysteries of human knowledge and enlighten herself and others via music, Mystix has been involved with music and art for all her life. Miami, Florida was where she first experienced the music scene first hand with her punk band Das Phobia in 2010, but it wasn’t till 2012 that she was introduced to Hip Hop culture opening her mind to a whole new world of music. As a fanatic of Japanese culture and anime she’s benefited from it and it’s influenced her writing and beat choice. Falling in love with the Japanese language enabled her to blend it into her songs to carry a message. Mystix’s songs are about the universe, drugs, anorexia, love, jealousy, being happy, and feelings divine; every song is a different lesson, a different vibe.

To date Mystix has released the Manifest EP and performed many of its songs across Miami; the follow up project, Dreamland (2013), shared an entire universe that was brooding in her head; and the very same year she released Crystal Spirits that incorporated 8-bit Nintendo game songs to create a beautiful-nostalgic feeling.

Mystix’s next project is titled BRUJA and is comprised of original beats produced by Otak. With headlining single Amethyst, the EP is a metamorphosis of all her earlier work. Music is her method of communicating her feeling to the universe and sending positive alien vibration all across the solar system and its neighbors.



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