MsTish!, God’s Glory


MsTish! is truly a gifted person. Born Latisha Nicole, this female Hip Hop rapper and singer is making her mark by showcasing her powerful anointing. She uses her Rap style to share her faith and to reach places that other styles could never enter. Unlike secular Rap, which frequently glorifies sex, drinking, violence, and drugs, MsTish!’s holy Hip Hop focuses on the one who can deliver you from those things. This angelic songbird soared to new heights with her singles Comprehending Knowledge, Get YO Praise On!, Warrior CREED, Call on Jesus!, Spirit & Truth, and Hold On!

MsTish! has been on BET,, worldwide radio stations, and has written for and performed with many music industry artists. She has worked with Leah Dent, Darin Tate, Joey Anderson, Roderick Carter, Minista (DJ), Russell M. Tyson, Big Daddy, Jammy Bean, Terrance Jackson (BO), Dawn Dooley, (CJ) Dogmatic Records, MajesticSoundz, and Ten City. She’s performed at the War Memorial Auditorium, Beale Street, HI -Tone Cafe, Brinson’s, and The Oasis Event Center.

MsTish!’s success and accomplishments come from turning her negatives into her positives. She’s the founder of Women’s Empowerment, an organization dedicated to self-empowering women. Her vision is to see the Rap game used for God’s glory for all generations.

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