Mr. Pain Becomes One With The Beat

This Georgia based artist is starting to make listeners ears perk up with a style that’s true to himself. Mr. Pain’s talent is quickly developing, and moving forward he’s looking to go from local to global. With each new release, Mr. Pain will get closer to reaching his dreams and mass recognition is only suitable after the hard work he’s put in.

“I love making music, listening to beats and becoming one with the beat. I like to listen to 90’s hip hop and my music has an old school feel to it. I write about things that happened in my life or one of friend’s lives,” Mr. Pain explains. I hindsight, he tries to be real with he’s saying. This is because he feels many artists are spitting too many fake stories in their music.

Mr. Pain is currently working on a new album titled Hurting But Still Struggling Pt. 2. That album will be the follow up to 2003 release. For more music from this thriving artist be sure to check out his catalog on CD Baby as well as his music on YouTube.

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