Mr. Mann, Looking For A Shot

Better higher

Mr. Mann is a 23 year old lyricist from Brooklyn, NY who loves music and performing with every fiber of his being. He acts, dances, writes poetry, and sings as well. Poetry is actually where Mr. Mann started and then moved into rapping to beats. He graduated from Fordham University with both a Bachelors and Masters degree in Business Administration, Finance, and Investor Relations.

Mr. Mann’s music is different because there is no cursing, no filler, instead there is a lot of substance to what he’s saying. If you do not say anything when you use this talent, you might as well be quiet. He aim is to instill a sense of excitement and give that old school “that’s my jam” instead of just being excited solely about a beat. The bars are there, just strap yourself in and get ready for them.

Mr. Mann is marketable and can write to any topic and make a hit. With full confidence in himself he’s just looking for a shot. God Bless.

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