Mozardell, The Niggardly Prince


Mozardell Jean-Noel, Mozardell, is a Haitian American hip hop artist from the east coast hailing from New Jersey. After releasing his debut single “I Know That” on Soundcloud last summer he began to take his music career seriously once he received nothing but positive reviews from listeners. Mozardell was always surrounded by music growing up. His parents were avid jazz and soul fanatics that would play music throughout the house all day. By kindergarten he was learning how to play the piano and later on the snare drum. He realized he wanted to make a career out of music when he was in the fifth grade and his classmate introduced him to YouTube. This discovery was one of the most important events in his life at the time, as it opened his eyes to a new world he would soon learn to call Hip Hop.

As Mozardell grew older his love for music only diversified, increased, and made the dream of being a rapper more and more desirable. At the age of twelve his father purchased him a USB mic and Sony Acid Music Studio for his birthday. He taught himself all the ins and outs of the software and even recorded his songs himself in his basement. Over the years Mozardell kept his music to himself and did not tell many people of his talent and passion until he graduated high school and decided to give recording a legitimate song a try. His hiatus from releasing music proved to be beneficial to him as it served to be a time in which he closely observed his favorite artists and sharpened his writing.

Now only 18 years old Mozardell is recording consistently, producing, and working on his upcoming project The Niggardly Prince EP. His debut project will feature 9 songs with no features as he intends for the project to give its audience more of an understanding of who he is as an artist and person. The project is set to release within the next 2 months with no set release date yet.

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