Mossberg LO, Understanding The Essence Of The Art

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Born in The Bronx and raised in Pine Hills, C-LO aka Mossberg LO, has taken his determination from being an all-star pitcher in the Dominican Republic to one of Hip-Hop’s most anticipated stars in the making. This young man understands the essence of the art and the responsibility he has as a street poet. Mossberg LO has been working on his craft since 2004 to perfection with guidance from Omegasonz and VersuStylez. Mossberg LO has been a major part of the DarkSight ENT./Street Tunez Record/BullyMOB camp and an original member of the infamous M.I.C.

This young-lyrical mastermind is a versatile and honest emcee who doesn’t look at this “game” as a way of just making money, but as a way to share raw talent for the entertainment and enjoyment of those who love it as much as he does. With many artists in today’s rap world, Mossberg LO is in a race by himself as he concentrates on delivering great music with honest lyrics to his fans and for his enjoyment as well. You are about to be a witness of something special.

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