Mo’Reale, Living A Dream


“I chose the name Mo’Reale (Morale), to embody the word entirely. Raise the morale of the people who surround me, my family, and friends. It symbolizes my dream of what I want to accomplish with music.”

Born in Germany, August 10th, 1989, Mo’Reale brings the European roots to the new upcoming group Mo’Reale N K3y. A poet since a young age, Mo’Reale first got his inspiration to progress from poetry to music while serving in the United States Air Force. He was eventually discovered and mentored by Troma Friddle and her Children’s Crisis Prevention Agency, LOTVLOVE. After about a year Mo’Reale moved forward in starting High Chronicles Enterprise, or HCENT “Spaceships No Planes™” where he would start making music with longtime friend and neighbor Michael “K3y” Kehoe.

Being raised between Europe and the Bay Area, CA, and having a writing background, Mo’Reale brings multiple genres to the table with a heavy focus on versatility and originality but strives to “not come on the same twice” in order to keep fans interested. Currently a Los Angeles Film School student for Music Production and co-producing with Niko (Pima), his next multi-genre album is titled “The Crossover.”

Mo’Reale will be released his first single “It’s Whateva” March 13th, 2015, closely followed by his single, “Long Distance” (featuring Kaitlin Brianne), rated #1 for 3 weeks on, March 25th, 2015. Mo’Reale and K3ys’s debut album, “Living A Dream,” will be available late March/early April.

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