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MofoHari is American born, immigrated to the UK at 19, and returned to the US in 2009. While in the UK she studied under some highly experienced mentors through Access to Music for Performing Artists, Advanced at Blackburn College achieving distinctions and gaining valuable knowledge/practical experience relating to music business, performance skills, music video production, lyric writing, voice training and much more. A poet from earliest memory in childhood, she began putting poems to music on her acoustic guitar and recording on a Tascam 4 track in 2002 after discovering her father had terminal heart disease and wanted to give him something personal and special. This was the beginning of her music path.

MofoHari connected with her music team MaDD PpuLL online via Soundclick in 2005 and has to date recorded over 100 tracks through her association with this large international network of skilled artists broadening her horizons with a variety of genres including hip-hop, R&B, jazz, soul, and evolving into her own uncategorized style. This unstoppable artist released her album “Love On All Accounts” in December 2013 as a follow up to her three previous mixtapes: “Movin On: Alternative Paths,” “Dreamz I: Walk With Me,” and most recently “Dreamz II: Stay With Me” released September 2012 (available on BandCamp and SoundClick Store).

Passionate about all aspects of music, from writing to recording/engineering to performance and everything connected, by 2009 MofoHari and Chrismorale had taken their mutual passion to another level to host their own radio show, “The Chrismorale Experience,” on WIFI 1460 which ran for three years and had built a large following. Subsequently, she hosted the internet show “Radio Zero” receiving excellent feedback and support from both listeners and artists. She currently hosts ZBM United Ent Radio incorporating Radio Zero and MaDD PpuLL Radio.

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