Mizz Spicey, Will Not Be Defeated


Heather, producing and co-producing her own material under the moniker Mizz Spicey, is a bona fide inspiration. She is one of an up and coming generation of fresh and exciting new music artists. Throughout her turbulent life music has been her passion and she will stop at nothing to ignite that passion in others! Her greatest assets aside from her raw vocal talent and boundless creativity are her positive self-image, her determination to remain true to herself, and her gift for self-promotion. With her ever-expanding legion of fans behind her, when she says “I will not be defeated,” a phrase she lives by, she means it from the bottom of her very big heart!

So in the midst of inspiring her fans, who inspires her? Her fans, who she interacts with personally when possible, inspire her, as does her son, peace, an autistic child who will not be defeated! She draws her immense strength from peace, an inner strength which will serve her well in her journey through the music industry. Mizz Spicey is gaining worldwide recognition. She has excellent business sense and has professional, artistic, and personal integrity. You will not regret your decision to work with Mizz Spicey!

Official website: http://www.reverbnation.com/mizzspicey

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