Mitch L. Hennessy, The Renaissance


Mitch L. Hennessy is an emcee/singer/songwriter originally from the section of New York known as The Bronx. Writing rhymes since he was seven, he decided to make music his life aspiration after hearing “The Bridge Is Over” by Boogie Down Productions. As an artist, he’s been blessed enough to perform in various venues throughout NYC, Virginia, and Maryland. He’s also had the privilege of having his music played on many radio platforms, domestic and international.

This year, 2016, Hennessy will be releasing his first solo project in two years titled The Renaissance Vol. I. He will also be releasing a handful of singles separate from that project. The first two, release dates unknown, will be “Go Away” and “Pour It Down” that are both produced by Dichter2Productions (Germany).

Moving forward with his career, Hennessy will also be releasing songs and projects as a member of the collective GWI (Global Warning Inc.). His goals overall are to continue to be consistent in his craft, continue to build a fan base, and begin touring.

Official website:
Soundcloud: mitch-l-hennessy

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