Mike Hazel Acquiring Currency

Mike Hazel is a Hip Hop artist who gives heavy respect to artistic vision. Into music since 5th grade, It wasn’t until his sophomore year of high school that he decided music was what he wanted to pursue full time. Inspired by samples that he’d look around for, he began to start leaning towards a more jazzy and ambient styles to early hip hop beats listening to artists such as Joey Bada and Capital Steez.

Not content on crafting his own music, Hazel started a collective called Rebel Camp, hoping that as a team wed be more likely to get our music out to a larger crowd. Rebel Camp is in its third summer and has released one tape and are in the process of producing another which is dropping near the end of the summer. Other than just music, Rebel Camp has been working with photographers and fashion, taking advantage of all avenues.

Check out Mike Hazel on his website at mikehazel.weebly.com and on SoundCloud at soundcloud.com/mike-hazel.

Mike Hazel & The Woods – “Shangri-La”

Mike Hazel – One Voice One Sound Interview

Mike Hazel – Runways

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