Midnight Mindstate, Envisage


Midnight Mindstate is a collective, a melodic sync of four diverse musicians based in Seattle, WA. Originally Midnight Mindstate started as a Progressive Hip Hop group of three producers, but now they have moved into live instrumentation. In 2014 they released an extensive album entitled “Envisage” that displays the versatility of their symphonic involvement between the influences of multiple genres including Indie, Hip Hop, Progressive, Jazz, and Rock music as well as experimental Electronica.

Midnight Mindstate has also released a live EP from a performance at The Creatives Underground Theater. This year they are working hard to put out a project for this summer, as well as solo releases from Misfit Yeager and Thom Baum who are the core creative energies of the group. Thus far Midnight Mindstate has independently tracked, mixed, mastered, and fully engineered all their projects.

When Midnight Mindstate play they tend to blend different genres and inspirations together to get their sound which can range from Electronica, Rock, Post Hop, or Prog Hop. Keep an eye on their Facebook and Soundcloud for more new music and updates.

Official website: https://midnightmindstate.bandcamp.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/?sk=h_chr

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