Mic Brown: Listeners Go Wild For His Latest Release


Music artist Mic Brown’s no stranger to the music industry. From unique sounds to top shelf production, his work definitely stands apart. His ambition and focus has primed the artist to exceed expectations and to become a highly sought out talent by professionals. Don’t miss out on Mic Brown because the musician has something the listeners have always wanted.

The Detroit artist is a visionary. “I put on for my city as well as the culture of music through my artistry which has continued to progress the more I make the transition to becoming a fulltime artist. It’s impossible to keep me away from achieving success in music. I’m here to stay,” Mic Brown proudly announces. Although he’s been offered a contact from a label, he declined to further progress his craft. He was also a contestant on The Dopest MC in the D 8 Bar Challenge at The Shelter.

Mic Brown’s currently promoting his Lexi Banks produced single Goes Wild and will be releasing the music video at the end of October. “My goal as an artist is to gain and get the recognition I deserve. Long term I want to run my own label so I can sign myself,” he adds.

Official website: www.facebook.com/home.php

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