Messenger, May Every Message Resonate


What started in 2010 as a song to “Rise From It All” has developed 5 years into Star Talents Inc. and a goal for accreditation programs for AA, BA, MBA, even PhD if possible in entertainment arts. The man behind all this is Sanchez S. Wallace, Messenger. Born in ’79, Messenger has been through the gauntlet: physical and mental abuse, drugs, homelessness, jail, and mental institutions. But still found peace in religion, martial arts, and music.

If you want to experience life travel through the mind of Messenger like people did in the movie “John Malkovich,” all you need to do is drift into the lyrical content that is Messenger. This isn’t your “club life” and “get money,” but this also isn’t your “love” and “religion” either. This is moments of existence that everyone lives through at the brink of choice, the brink of enlightenment, the brink of revelation. Nothing is left for not. There is no emotional complexity that is missed.

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