MC Karl, Tortured Genius


MC Karl is a native of Toronto, Canada who was born in October of 1993 and raised in the downtown core of the city. His love of Hip Hop and poetry started in middle school when he started writing lyrics at the age of 13. He continues to be an aspiring Hip Hop artist and lyric writer to this day. Life hasn’t been easy for Karl. Facing family conflict, a broken home, and loss of loved ones, he sought better head space and found it in Hip Hop and lyric writing. Music can calm reactions, it can incite drive, and it can speak to peoples’ emotions. “That’s what drives me—being able to write words that will move people in the right direction so they can deal with the world around them.”

When Karl first got to high school it was his friends who introduced him to the underground Hip Hop scene. His first tastes came by listening to mixtapes and albums from the likes of Immortal Technique, Lowkey, Diabolic, Non-Phixion, Jedi Mind Tricks, and legends like Tupac and Big L. He was drawn to the authenticity of the genre. The rawness, sometimes brutal truth, that the artists spoke really registered and stuck to his need to speak from the heart.

Starting with words on paper to recording the finished track, Karl loves creating songs. He hopes to be successful in Hip Hop and continue the legacy sharing his work by recording and making his own mixtapes and albums. A milestone in Karl’s career would be his debut album Tortured Genius that he recently released on July 2, 2015.

Tortured Genius:
Instagram: @MCKARL_T.O


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