Maxi Payne, Born In The Dorms

Maxi Payne 1

Maxi Payne, born and raised in South Central Los Angeles has spent a lifetime as a Hip-Hop fan/student. Growing up listening to greats like 2pac, DJ Quik, Richie Rich, Ice Cube among others, Maxi’s music reflects his influences in his honesty, passion, and dedication to his craft! With a versatile flow, passionate delivery, and clever wordplay, Maxi’s sound is unique while also being easy on the ears.

His Hip-Hop journey as an emcee didn’t begin until going off to college at UNLV. It was there in the dorms that Maxi was born. What started as a fun outlet among friends quickly turned into a full time quest for perfection. Maxi has released several mixtapes and a few singles, but his best has yet to come. With a library that is continuously growing, Maxi Payne is sure to be among the greats soon.

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