MaxHeat, The Music Solution


Akron Ohio’s own Mike MaxHeat Mosley is the jack of all trades, and the lead performer, for Millennium Music Mission Records (M3 Records) and add to that a B.A. in Media Production and a minor in Pre Law. He is also the co-founder of M3 Records and the internationally syndicated “Pro Flow Fa-Sho Show” radio program. Michael is also the origin of the Max Charity Program and the challenge. “I can, I will, done deal,” stated Maxheat.

Michael graduated Copley High School in 1999 and attended Kent State University the following term pursuing a degree in Mass Communication. Michael’s creative expressions became original music compositions where he employed a variety of live instruments and other synthesized sounds. While finishing college in 2004 at The University of Akron, Michael also joined WZIP FM as an on-air disc jockey, webmaster, and production staff member.

Michael’s first album released on Millennium Music Mission Records (M3 Records), “No Compromise: Losing Contact, [Tracks of My Peers]” was recorded at EHB studios in 2001 on which Mike performs as Executive Producer and Lead Vocal. Soon after followed MaxHeat’s No Compromise vol. 2: Unconditional Surrender album, King Pain Chronicles album, Supermax Biodroid Album & his YOLO: The Monopoly Project along with several underground self produced mixtapes.

Mike MaxHeat Mosley continues to evolve audio and media as he enhances his personal and professional technique by hosting, mixing, producing, promoting, recording, collaborating, writing, and publishing diverse international audio projects fashioned as “The Music Solution.”

Learn more about MaxHeat on his Official Artist Website.

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