Matthew Coleman, Music Is My Outlet


Matthew Coleman, born August 23, 1987, grew up in North Amityville. The music genres he likes are rap and pop. He is a huge fan of these genres as well as artists of the likes of Cassidy, Vanessa Carlton, and his cousin David Doran and Black of Spitfire Syndicate.

Because of his cousin’s David Doran music movement with Black of Spitfire Syndicate he witnessed and supported straight forward. It inspired him to create his own music which he enjoys doing. Music is his outlet in the world from stress and a strong outlet for him to be creative and he is so passionate about it as well.

He began mixing and mastering his own music for fun and for financial assistance, and to network with others and soon to network with big stars as well. He is a great, clever, and hardworking artist whose material and passion will get him far in the music business.

Learn more about Matthew Coleman on his Reverbnation page.

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