Matt Goodell, A Human Sponge


“I played music to make him happy,” recalls Matt Goodell when he thinks of his grandfather encouraging him to play. Goodell started playing music at the age of ten and by middle school he was versed in the trombone and saxophone, but soon migrated to the guitar. As he matured as an adolescent he gigged regularly with bands, one of which was a Classic Rock cover band playing Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rolling Stones, and Tom Petty. He also performed as a singer/songwriter and in a Jazz duo performing freeform for a variety of events.

A budding musician, Goodell was accepted into Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts during his junior year of high school and after graduation he studied at the renowned college for two years with a focus on music business. He’s currently working on his debut studio album.

When talking about his love for music Goodell explains, “There is nothing like playing music, it takes me to a place nowhere else can take me. I feel that I am constantly learning and being able to observe my progress and increase my learning. One of my favorite things about being a musician is being a human sponge, I’m always able to just soak up information. There’s nothing quite like it.”



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