Marsalis, Weiiirdo


Marsalis Davis, MarttyMars, is young spirited independent artist born and raised in Passaic, New Jersey who has been recording, writing, engineering, and producing his own music for several years. “Weiiirdo” is a movement he is pushing and reaching out to the audience to understand that it’s okay to be different, out of the norm, and not following the trend of “what’s cool.”

“Weiiirdo” music is for everybody to enjoy and to have fun with. Sometimes it will be lyrical, then turn up, then chill, then some really off to Mars-ish; that’s just how Marsalis creates his craft. As a solo artist he plans to show the world how hungry he is. Marsalis isn’t no ordinary artist you hear today.

Official website:
Twitter: @HeyItsMartty
Instagram: @HeyItsMartty


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