Marq Divine, Keeping The Hip Hop Sound Alive


Entrepreneur, father, emcee, college graduate, leader, and motivator are great words to describe Marques Brooks, Marq Divine. As an Iowa City, Iowa native, Marq is considering himself as “The Giant of Iowa” showing his abilities as a lyricist, setting trends, and most importantly connecting all Iowa artists cohesively using the Hawkeye Country (Iowa City) as his hub. He is the host of the Innovative Rap Iowa City Show broadcasted on TV and internet Fridays at 10pm on Channel 18 PATV and

Marq is a role model in his community; he speaks in student panels, volunteers, and performs with headlined artists. He is making history by being an innovator in his area, staying consistent with his musical projects while remaining his true self. Check out Marq’s latest mixtape, “The Surface,” hosted by Orleans, France native DJ Eddy Starks. Divine is here to make great music for all listeners. He is a breath of fresh air keeping the true Hip Hop sound alive.

Official website:
Twitter: @MarqDivine1
YouTube: @MarQDivine1

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