Mark Mendoza, Be Your Man


Mark Mendoza is an 18 year old Canadian singer/rapper/songwriter/dancer who is from Toronto and now resides in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. He has been singing since he was around the age of 6 years old and started to write his own material at the age of 13; Mark has continued to develop his craft.

Mark embarks on chasing his dream as an artist. His style of Acoustic, Pop, and R&B music has captured an audience throughout Canada, a radio station in London, various record labels, as well as record producers for big time artists.

Mark is currently in the works of making multiple singles and EPs to be released for anticipation of his debut album. He has already released his first original titled “Be Your Man.” He has also been working with numerous artists to find out what kind of direction and music he’d like to take. This is his passion, this is his life.

Official website:
Twitter: @MarkMdoza
Instagram: @MarkMdoza

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