Marcus McFly, Common Misconception


Going by the stage name Marcus McFly, he’s back from the future and is driving through the streets of Lost Angeles searching to for his soul. If one had to describe his style from a writer’s perspective, he’d respond by saying that he’s a blend of Musiq Soulchild and Common, two very soulful artists. Marcus McFly has sung and played the keys in church since he was young; however, Pharrell and Timbaland were the cats that originally inspired him to make beats. Then of course, Kanye made him see that he could create his own identity and expand his horizons as an artist.

After Marcus McFly got out of the Air Force, he moved back to LA. At the time his cousin was going to Musicians Institute in Hollywood and they were working with this cat named Breezy Lovejoy who of course now is Anderson Paak (Dr. Dre’s latest signee). As a label, they all worked together on several different projects. Some of his favorite times were just being around those cats. Driving to the LBC for shows, staying up in studio sessions until to 5am in the morning still banging out joints, just being around cats that were really passionate about their crafts. It was super inspiring.

Marcus McFly produced form many Los Angeles area artists like Thrills, J-Cali, Miss V, Rhyme Scheme, The Cashiers, Milli Moto, and Matthew Shell (DC). He’s currently putting the finishing touches on a new album entitled Common Misconception that’s coming soon.

Soundcloud: marcussingleton

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