Marc-Ske, Ready For Greatness


Marc-Ske was born Marc Davis in the city of Detroit, MI and from 2005 to the present he’s been living in Tampa ,FL. Highly ambitious since day one, he has used imagination to its fullest intents to ensure quality in every project completed.

He nearly lost his life in an ambush on a convoy while serving in Iraq by a gunman firing off all 50 rounds of an AK-47 clip at close range into his truck hitting only his right ankle; strangely the same place he kept his rhyme sheets in. His sock burned through the paper and into his leg. He felt upon seeing this he must be alive to pursue this dream.

In 2011 he began performing more consistently receiving invitations to perform for A&R’s at record labels in Miami (Slip-n-Slide/Atlantic records) and LA (Warner bros and Interscope) winning artist consultation and studio time from the latter. Since then has been doing as many shows a possible, as well as self-promotion in the streets and on the internet to build buzz.

He feels he is ready for greatness, willing to give his all and be able to conquer and achieve his dreams as a superstar in the world of music.

Learn more about Marc-Ske on his Reverbnation page.

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