Marc Smith, Working On My Personal Material

Marc Smith

Marc Smith is a producer, songwriter, keyboard player, and vocalist who has been in the industry for over 30 years. He has worked with many local and major artist before working on his projects. Marc started getting involved in music in his early in his years. At the 14 in a Winston-Salem, NC. rec center he heard guys rehearsing The Temptation song “You’er My Everything.” That’s when he said to himself this is what he wanted to do.

In high school he sung in the Gospel choir and went onto a Gospel group called The Angeletts of San Francisco. As a marine he joined a band called The Brothers Theory Band. Next up Marc joined the well-known Whispers Camp where he learned to produce records. His work can be heard on the The Whispers “Toast to the Ladies” CD. He is currently working on new material for his own career.

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