Mani Dollaz, Tate Music Group


Mani Dollaz, coming out of San Diego, California is a young upcoming hip hop artist working hard for everything he wants. After writing music at age 11 and recording his first song at age 13, he knew that being a musician is what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. Growing up was rough for Dollaz, he could never afford the proper equipment he needed to pursue his career so he used what he had.

Shortly after his 14th birthday, he discovered the I Am T-Pain app for iPhone and used that to record along with other free apps. At the age of 16, Mani Dollaz moved from Hawaii back to San Diego to live with his mother. He was still writing music and struggling to break into the music business. Soon after moving, he starting recording on Garage Band for iPad. His peers laughed at him daily and ridiculed him because they did not take his music seriously.

Dollaz was having a hard time paying attention to a test in class one day and decided to write some lyrics for his song “Impossible” which tells a little bit about what was going on around him. The next day at the bus stop on the way back from the hospital, Dollaz wrote the chorus for “Impossible.” Once recorded, he knew it was a hit. Everyone that heard the song fell in love with the chorus instantly.

After recording only the first verse and the chorus, Dollaz sent the unfinished song to various record labels and about a week later he got a call from an A&R rep at Tate Music Group. They offered him his first indie recording contract. One week later on September 5, 2013, Dollaz signed the contract. Mani Dollaz will be releasing an album through the label some time in 2014.

The name Mani Dollaz actually pronounced as “many” Dollaz comes from his real name Ramani. He wanted to have a stage name that was as unique as his real name that no one else could use. Growing up, a nickname that constantly found him was money due to the fact that it vaguely rhymes with Ramani and that he loved money a lot. With those factors, he came up with Mani Dollaz, meaning a lot of money.

Learn more Mani Dollaz on his Official Artist Website.

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