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Malachi Grant (formerly known as Merksmilez) is a hip hop artist with depth. Walking the line between storytelling and feel good music, his high energy style takes the listener through feelings in life, something all listeners can relate to. His content range is an open canvas, pulling from his life experiences delivered with a stylishly-fresh sound unique to Malachi. Citing a wide array of musical influences such as LL Cool J, Big L, Rakim, Biggie, Mase, Tupac and Nas, Malachi’s presents positive and thought provoking flows that make you bop your head and punch lines that make you laugh out loud. Previously, Malachi released “Just That Ill” introducing the world to the sounds he grew up on vamped with his perspective and stories of his growing pains and inspiration. His latest offering “Welcome 2 My World”, was recently released and has received raved reviews and placements on various websites and blogs. Malachi Grant can be found performing through New York performing with notable rising stars.

You can check out Malachi Grant on his website at www.mghasmusic.com, and on SoundCloud at soundcloud.com/mghasmusic.

Malachi Grant – Welcome 2 My World Trailer

Malachi Grant – Welcome 2 My World Listening party Recap

Malachi Grant – Party Ova Here

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