Mahk3ree, Influencing People To Change

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Born in Royal Oak, MI and raised in a suburban town just outside of Detroit, young Matt Midea, Mahk3ree, found a love for Hip Hop at age 14. Since about 5 years of age he was writing whether that be music lyrics, poetry, stories, etc. It wasn’t until Matt aged about 15 years until he began to transfer all of his writing styles to a Hip Hop based genre. Continuing to write for about 3 more years without any intention on professionally recording music, Matt found his identity as Mahk3ree at age 18 and recorded his debut EP titled “The Matt Midea EP” in Eastpointe, MI.

A year later in May of 2015 he released his first full length album “The Matt Midea LP” featuring artists both locally known and nationally known including 8 million time record seller Bizarre from Eminem’s rap group D12. Influenced by the Shady Records crew, including Eminem and Yelawolf, he gives off that edgy vibe throughout his tracks giving you time to laugh, gasp, and rage. However, it is not all fun and games for the artist. Many songs, especially on the LP, focus on serious matters that Matt grew up with as a child and still holds with him to this day.

His hopes are not to become the next biggest rapper in the game, though his EP may say otherwise. His number one intention is to have the influence on someone to change their life for the better and if he can the world. Mahk3ree is an upcoming Metro Detroit/Detroit artist and you certainly won’t want to miss out on what he has to offer.

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