Mack Memphis, Natural Born Hustler


Mack Memphis started rapping when rap started, he’s old school but looks 25. Originally from Detroit, Michigan he’s lived in Millington and Memphis. Mack started his own rap group in 1986 in San Diego, California while in the United States Coast Guard and upon his return to Memphis in 1988 he started another group called The N.N.P. (The Nothin’ Nice Posse). He’s gone solo as Buck Rogers then to Mitch Mitchell, Dirty Rogers, and Crazy Rogers. Other groups he’s formed include Lay Dirty and The Whole Death Valley Posse, Three D, Bloodline, and finally Good Guy Mafia. He signed one record deal with Frankie Gaye, June Scott, and Belgium Records under Bloodline. Over the years Mack has met almost every artist in the business from Hip Hop to R&B.

With an idea to start a magazine he connected with a marketing and promotional company, but the idea was stolen and StreetMasters Magazine was created. Mack ended up working for the magazine from 1995 – 2008 and they received the SEA Hip Hop Magazine of The Year Award. In 2006 Mack started working for and promoting the real Freeway Ricky Ross and helped him create his label and his social networking site. He also moved to Detroit and started Top Notch Talent & Modeling Agency, originally Top Notch Talent Modeling and Escort Agency, now Top Notch Talent Booking Agency.

Mack moved back to Memphis in 2010 and started The Worldwide Hip Hop Hall of Fame Wax Museum where he is president, owner, and founder. He currently promotes and markets, as well as manages a few artist. In recent months Mack has put a long time plan into action and started working on his album, “Natural Born Hustler, Vol. 1.” With 6 hot songs, 4 in the top 20 pop charts, he owes all of his success to God, friends, family, and fans. “Come Ride With Me Thru My Hood” is a number one hit followed by “Nothin But Cadillac Music,” “Unconditional Love,” and the latest release “Take Me Outta Space, Girl.”

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