M. J. Withers’ Champagne Dream

Passion, determination, and ambition are just a few words that describe the artist M. J. Withers. Hailing from the Baltimore-Washington area, Withers provides the world with a fresh sound that is needed in an era where familiarity, gimmicks and trends dominate hip-hop. Writing songs and rapping since the age of ten, M. J. Withers has evolved phenomenally as an artist. Memorable lyrics blended with a sound reminiscent to the greats of the 90s and early 2000s have allowed M. J. Withers to prove himself as a solid and threatening artist. His catalog provides a mix of songs from talking about relaxing back and flirting with beautiful women, to touching on controversial topics of society to tapping into the deeper and darker chambers of his mind. Each song he writes, he writes from the heart. Each song he records, he records from the heart. With a voice deeper, powerful and gruffer than most, it gives him a distinct sound that no other artist has today. His music is captivating, making you want to hear more and understand the man and artist M. J. Withers is.

You can follow M.J. Withers on his website at mjwithers.bandcamp.com and on Soundcloud at soundcloud.com/m-j-withers/sets/past-times-hard-liquor.

M.J. Withers – Talk To Ya

M.J. Withers on #GOLDENFACES

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