M-Gilla, Keeping It Under One Umbrella


Quinton Davis, M-Gilla, is the owner and CEO of Gorealla Entertainment, Gorealla Filmz, and Mgilla Apparel. Through this avenues he’s exposing the world to his sound and his style under one umbrella. M-Gilla is seeking to bring a sound and look that’s incomparable to on one. His team and his brands are taking daily strides, making major leaps from pad to pad, to get the Gorealla movement recognized. They’re not ones to be slept on.

Soundcloud is the place to  listen to what M-Gilla and Gorealla Entertainment has to offer. Currently boasting 17 tracks, the catalog has 10 tracks that have surpassed the 1k play marker. 3 of his most played songs are “I Love New York,” ‘Heavyweight Baby,” and “4 Dekater.” Combined these 3 songs have amassed 10k+ plays. His latest released song is “Beat On Your Chest.”

Today we’re featuring a visual for the song “Teflon Don” by M-Gilla.

Twitter: @mgilla09
Facebook: @mgilla3620
Facebook: @goreallafilmz
Reverbnation: @mgilla4
Soundcloud: @mgilla800
YouTube: @goreallafilmz
Instagram: @mgilla800


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