M DOC Diego, Autobiography of Pain


Reppin’ Rochester, New York, but with southern roots in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, M DOC Diego began writing music in the fifth grade and fell in love with hip hop early on. He credits his father, a deejay, and his mother as influences for exposing his young ears to jazz, soul, hip hop, and r&b. During high school he stared a hip hop/poetry club with two peers and performed at school festivals. It was at a venue named Cats Cradle where bands and hip hop acts like Wu-tang and Waka Flocka performed at that his passion grew.

After moving to upstate New York, M DOC Diego became serious about his craft and formed a group named Familia Boys with his brothers and cousin. They recorded and performed at venues, even frat parties given the opportunity. He’s humble and dedicated to his love of the culture.

M DOC Diego’s latest project, Autobiography of Pain, is available on Live Mixtapes.

Twitter: @mdocdiego


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