Lyric, Forging My Own Path


Born in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on December 1, 1995, Lyric is female emcee who’s doing it right by getting schooled at the Community College of Philadelphia with a major emphasis on business and music management and marketing. Writing since the age of 14, she saw her poetry and unfinished jottings turn into hooks and songs. By happenstance two years later she came across a flyer at the local library promoting an after school program for lessons on recording music, writing, and Hip Hop history. It was this very program, Blackboard Labs, and six years in, that Lyric honed her style of writing leading to singles being feature across the web, a host of other publicity opportunities, and the release of her freshmen project Iamlyric.

Iamlyric was released earlier this year with features from Reese Rel, Ash’ Shakur, C.h.u.l.a, Gemini, Dada, and Nadja Briane; the project went on to get highlighted on the Get Right Music website and on YouTube. Although Lyric is proud of her project, she does confess that the project was rushed due to not realizing the amount of work that is needed to deliver a polished product. Learning from this experience she’s ready to correct her mistakes when it comes to producing her follow up project titled Cold Paradise. Lyric is currently working on her latest single London and its accompanying video. What she aspires to is to network with more female artists, perform at more shows, travel, and build her music brand.

Lyric’s endeavor into the music began after the death of her grandmother in 2012 and her spiral into drugs and alcohol. Not wanting to follow in the footsteps of her mother, who also battled drug and alcohol addiction, she felt the need to be part of something her family could be proud of. Lyric rekindled her writing, networked with local rappers, got promotion, and began to build her name. The outcome was Iamlyric. To this day she is chasing her dream for her younger brother Malik, for her grandmother and to deter herself from following in her mother’s path.

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